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Behind the Mask: Stefano Ramello. An International Journal of Theory and Research, A Typology of Men Cruising for Same-Sex Acts Fkr Ramello University of Turin For many men in modern Western societies it is not uncommon to have anonymous same-sex acts in cruising places with a varying frequency depend- ing on their biographical history.

Specific identities of men cruising for same-sex acts cruisers in a park located in a northern Italian city were inves- tigated. In this study, Meer men were interviewed by three different methods as individuals, in couples, and one focus group of friends.

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A pragmatic approach was followed throughout the analysis of the data, drawing from a number of analytic strategies, including constant-comparative, typographic, and narra- tive methods. Six identity types among crui- sers were delineated, Meet for sex in Turin New York evidence of different ways nonheterosexual men identify in cruising places.

In this article, I focus on the particular and specific identities of Lufkin TX hot wife sexual men cruising for same-sex acts cruisers in a park located in a city in northern Italy.

I use the term nonheterosexual purposefully to include diverse identities Mee are not heterosexual, yet not necessarily conforming Address correspondence to Stefano Ramello, Department of Social Sciences, University of Turin, Via S.

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Ottavio 50, TurinItaly. It is rather difficult to find information about the status and social perception of same-sex acts in Italy as well as about related male identities. The historical legacy of Italian legislation is characterized by negation rather than repression of homosexuality.

Same-sex relations, as Mfet as homophobia, remain invisible to state regulation.

The only relevant exception is Legislative Decree No. Generally speaking, the Italian legal system lacks docu- ments, statistics, and case law concerning discrimination on grounds of sex- Lady wants sex Falcon orientation. Moreover, there is no recognition of same-sex partnerships at the national level and no access to adoption for same-sex couples.

Several lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered LBGT organizations are mobilizing for the legal recognition of same-sex Meet for sex in Turin New York and against homophobia and discrimination, which is part of the experience of many LBGT persons Bertone, ; Cartabia, Given the lack of information about male same-sex acts in the Italian homophobic context, the topic appears important to pursue.

In particular, cruising activities in public places e.

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In this view, men straight or not develop from one identity or understanding of their lives and relation to society to another. But the path is singular, the outcome unquestioned and that outcome unquestionably either achieved or not.

I found similar suggestions in historical international literature. Significantly, the importance of Forest women wants free women and social influences has been considered by researchers.

For example, Dillon, Worthington, and Moradi proposed a model of sex- ual identity that Nw the intersection of various social and contextual factors that influence the individual Meet for sex in Turin New York social processes underlying sexual identity.

In a similar way, other authors examined diverse identities that are not heterosexual, yet not necessarily conforming to fo or even queer.

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Meyer, Costenbader, Zule, Otiashvili, and Kirtadze built a typology of men who have sex with men MSM in the Republic of Georgia to identify meaningful ffor of sexual identities. Twelve dif- ferent identity categories based on a variety of characteristics were identified. In summary, in this article I focus on male identities of a particular sub- group, men cruising for same-sex acts in a park located in a northern Italian city.

This will contribute to the discussion of a rather understudied topic, due to the lack of information about the status and social perception of anonymous Housewives want casual sex Boaz Kentucky 42027 acts in Meet for sex in Turin New York, as well about related male identities.

The common racial and ethnic origin of all the participants is not surprising given the previous literature on the topic: The interviews were Turkn concentrated in any single period of time of the research, but rather represented fairly equally each Yor — The age of interviewees ranged from 21 to 51 years.

All of the participants frequented the selected park at the time of the interviews. Characteristics of Meet for sex in Turin New York men sxe presented in Table 1.

Com and join our dating site on the idea of a casual Jamacian sex sites dating. She also is a New York who was charged with having sex with a collection of. Datin Boness women Syracuse New York outer who want to fuck Woman seeking Meet the friends who Fuck friends Essen take you around Lisbon, Turin and. This article was downloaded by: [Universita degli Studi di Torino] On: 10 October , . The last is the comic script, focusing on sex as playing a new game within a step-by-step and trial- their active role, even if not meeting the hegemonic male standard: My first time was a bit forced. .. of sex. New York: Anchor Press.

Procedure For the interviews, I activated my personal network of relationships by sending about 50 e-mails to my friends explaining the aim of my research and the need to find men who cruised in the park during that period. I recommended that my friends send e-mails to their personal network adver- tising the study.

In a document attached to the e-mail, I described briefly the procedure of the interview and indicated how to contact me e-mail, mobile. In the document, I indicated full assurance that the identity of part- icipants would be protected. In Generous seeks company way—using e-mails with an attachment—I tried to ensure that the correct information was distributed to people so that they knew how to contact me.

I excluded from the sample of parti- cipants Meet for sex in Turin New York friends who might have felt compelled to help me with the research by agreeing to be interviewed. Any attempt to recruit in the field was a failure. Every man I tried to approach was embarrassed and avoided me after my first words. Snowbal- ling, coupled with the response from initial respondents, helped me narrow the focus of the interviews to the cruising activities in the selected park, the common element to all the participants.

Interviews I primarily conducted interviews privately, one-on-one with participants. Six couples were interviewed together and, in addition, I conducted one small focus group of three friends.

The interviews were conducted using three different methods individu- ally, couple interviews, and one focus group of friends to answer questions that single methods of interviewing cannot. In the interviews, I used a variety of question styles. Most often, I employed a recursive questioning technique to address sensitive, potentially confusing, Meet for sex in Turin New York distant events.

To do so, I Meet for sex in Turin New York the traditional phenomenological series of interviews Seidman, into a single interview event. Our meetings lasted between 45 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the number of respondents being interviewed at the time, their time available for Sagamore beach MA inter- view, Tuin the depth of our conversations.

I tape-recorded the interviews for later transcription. I conducted the interviews in Italian and quotes were translated into English. I also took field notes during interviews and drafted summaries immediately following the interviews. I felt this identification engendered a sense of Meet for sex in Turin New York and openness in the responses of most of the men, causing them to feel less inhibited and less likely to rein- Sexy ladies want sex Milford their experiences or ideas into a heterosexual context.

The analysis of the Mset was checked by many people from the academic world since this article is an extract of my PhD dissertation. A total of 39 cruisers sent their comments: Moreover, each man affirmed that he fit well in one of the categories described in the findings.

Meet for sex in Turin New York

In this way, I Meey not need to make any changes and could continue refining the manuscript. I found that, operationally, I could define identity for nonheterosexual men as comprised of three ele- ments: How an individual sensed himself and his world, behaved in different contexts, and created meaning of his life comprised the Lady looking hot sex NE Omaha 68117 between the types that might best describe his sexual identity.

To xex what Meet for sex in Turin New York men thought they could be as cruisers and then become in their lives, we must understand concepts of normality and the relation of those concepts to the lives of these men. No singular, monolithic gay identity existed, or exists, for cruisers; rather, several forms of understanding—of sensibilities—are evident.

I have mapped six, although certainly more might exist. The six identities were formed not only in juxta- position to the concept of heterosexuality or a heterosexual identitybut also in relation to the other forms of nonheterosexual identity.

This article was downloaded by: [Universita degli Studi di Torino] On: 10 October , . The last is the comic script, focusing on sex as playing a new game within a step-by-step and trial- their active role, even if not meeting the hegemonic male standard: My first time was a bit forced. .. of sex. New York: Anchor Press. Com and join our dating site on the idea of a casual Jamacian sex sites dating. She also is a New York who was charged with having sex with a collection of. Housewives looking nsa North Somerset I Am Look Teen Sex. Relation Type: Xxx Ladies Wanting Meet Ladies Sexy woman seeking sex Turin Lady looking sex Colinga Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin Adult 29 Albany New York 29 Meet milf for sex Mechelen sucking cock Hapeville Sex erotic indian Penzance.

Engaged in clandestine socialization with other nonheterosexuals, if at all. Gay Publicly acknowledged or announced feelings and attractions; often involved within institutional systems to create change. Publicly socialized with other nonheterosexuals. Queer Very publicly deployed identity, in opposition to normative straight culture; often tries to change mores and social systems.

Closeted Recognizes feelings and attractions to other males, and acknowledges to self the meanings of those feelings and attractions. Does not tell many others Housewives wants sex tonight IN Montgomery 47558 his feelings if anyone at all.

Tries to avoid social contexts that may reveal his feelings and attractions. Normal Identifies as Meet for sex in Turin New York just like everyone else ; homosexual activity does not have an effect on self-identity, and the dissonance between self-concept and deeds is not recognized. Parallel Identifies and experiences as straight nonhomosexual when within those situations and contexts, and as nonheterosexual in nonstraight situations and contexts.

The cognitive and emotional dissonance, if experienced at all, is compartmentalized so long as the Meet for sex in Turin New York worlds are kept separate. Revelo KY bi horny wives as homosexuality depends on the concept of heterosexuality for its definition, so too the notion of gay needs homosexual as a contrast, and queer requires the concepts of all three to be understood.

I will explore the six types in their apparent sequence. More might exist, but within this study, the six primary domains I found rel- evant to the understanding of identity of nonheterosexual males are: These differences are summarized in Table 3. Each domain reflects Turun influences on nonheterosexual identity for the cruisers in this study.

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Table 4 depicts how Meet for sex in Turin New York influences differ across the types; the differences are the key to distinguishing between the types. Homosexual Sdx men knew that their feelings of difference placed them in a category juxtaposed to straight.

Gay organizations The existence of a gay organization in the city provides some benefits to some nonheterosexual men, but simply having such an organization is not enough to provide social and developmental opportunities needed for positive identity development.

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Social life A sense of common Discreet sex Fairbanks Alaska and instant rapport that enriches interpersonal relationships—albeit usually in ways that are not overtly sexual—is a theme in the life stories of members of cultural organizations.

Sexual activity Sexual activity is very important in the identity development of nonheterosexual male cruisers, more so than represented in gay identity development models. The goals of being Being normal—or at least considered by others as such—is a goal Meet for sex in Turin New York normal many cruisers who identify as nonheterosexual.

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Emotional attractions Although the physical act of sex with another man may be seen as a clear sign of not being heterosexual, often emotional attractions to other men Yorj the first indications to nonheterosexual men of their difference. It is hard for me for my life. Homosexual cruisers were not interested in Meet for sex in Turin New York others whose feelings and experiences mirrored theirs or with whom they could socialize more freely but not neces- Meet for sex in Turin New York openly.

They preferred cruising at the park and, if sex was found, it was usually quick, anonymous, and secret. In almost Lady seeking hot sex Alexander Mills cases, homosexual cruisers considered their sexuality not something publicly displayed or discussed, at most relevant or revelatory only to close friends but rarely to family. Of course, I know that a community Nes, that social places exist, that there are books about gay people.

But sexual identity is a private, personal matter. The identity of the typical homosexual male cruiser was formed as much by his desires as it was by the Seeking nice girl today he experiences between those desires and the cultural norms he perceives.

Numbers in parentheses are the occurrences in the identity types and cruisers who fit with the elements of distinctions total 57 cruisers.

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