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Everything Turkey doesn’t tweet much (as of Jan 9, 2012), but the calendar on their website has them serving lunch during weekdays at the John Hopkins Hospital Campus, on Broadway Street between Monument and Orleans. ┬áMenu items include Turkey burgers and turkey sandwiches (on Kaiser or a croissant).

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2 years ago
Everything Turkey! @ New Social Security Administration Building https://t.co/IRuK02xl1c
3 years ago
Hi Turkey Lovers! Find us at 5800 Wabash Wed - Fri 11am -3:30pm
4 years ago
Special Thanks to all the Turkey Lovers who visit us at Wabash! Thank You SSA!
4 years ago
Enjoy your Snow Day and Eat Turkey! #EverythingTurkey #Snowday #Turkey #MissPeggy
4 years ago